application acceleration

Bridgeworks PORTrockIT can help you boost your existing environment – rapidly moving your data across WAN’s regardless of distance, size or type of data. Simply choose your technology and see the difference w/ our patented AI application acceleration.

Rapid Data Transfer - Application Acceleration.

RDT – Rapid Data Transfer is a USA based technology company that specializes in storage and transfer solutions for your data at speeds never before thought possible. Utilizing patented AI Technology – you can now rapidly transfer your data, faster than traditional acceleration technologies.

By creating perfect networks on either side of the WAN, these new AI technologies take care of the data movement – managing congestion and packet loss for optimal application performance and throughput.

  • Average 10X Data Performance Increase – on technologies such as NetApp, Commvault, Veeam, IBM and VERITAS
  • Secure Data – PORTrockIT does not touch your data or protocols, maintaining all your security protocols
  • Automated AI Technology – patented and Gartner recognized next generation technology that boosts your data performance
  • Large Data Volumes, Encrypted and Media Files – in your existing environment sent at up to 200X faster
  • Simple Model – no installation costs, no on-going maintenance

Looking for application acceleration of your data? – explore PORTrockIT and start accelerating today!

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I have NetApp, what benefits will Bridgeworks bring me?

Bridgeworks patented technology can accelerate NetApp SnapMirror/SnapVault between 2x and 10x and is totally transparent. There is no need to upgrade, replace or provide any NetApp configuration changes. Bridgeworks and NetApp have worked in partnership in testing Bridgeworks technology in accelerating multiple Datacenter workloads and infrastructure.

We are expanding our Commvault in line with GDPR, can Bridgeworks help further?

With regulations changing it is paramount that organizations have leading edge data protection like Commvault. Bridgeworks optimizes Commvault’s back up performance without needing to upgrade network infrastructure or storage capacity. Bridgeworks minimizes the effects of latency and packet loss allowing you to optimize performance of Commvault and deliver outstanding ROI.

How can Bridgeworks help our Veeam environment?

Bridgeworks can help accelerates Veeam up to 7 times over any distance with performance unaffected by compressed, video, deduped or encrypted data. Our technologies are transparent to Veeam proxies and can backup servers with less than 30 minutes to install and no changes to your Veeam configurations. Bridgeworks and Veeam have worked in partnership to deliver a joint proposition with low implementation costs and massive acceleration of Veeam across your organization.

VERITAS is business critical, what benefits could Bridgeworks add?

In independent industry tests, Bridgeworks technologies can accelerate NetBackup up to 170 times over any distance using patented AI and automation technologies that have been tried and tested in partnership with Veritas. Bridgeworks patented technologies enhance throughput and bandwidth optimization without configuration changes and that deliver significant ROI.

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