Solving Slow WAN Speed

WAN Optimization Basics

Following these easy steps can dramatically speed up your WAN transfers and keep you from losing your hair prematurely. Solving slow WAN speed(s) – the dilemma. But first, let’s review a few basic – WANs are simply networks that span large geographical locations. Latency, packet loss and bandwidth limitations (to name a few) have traditionally been determining factors for how much and how fast data can be moved down a pipe. WAN connections, as they get further from the source, introduce Latency.

It doesn’t matter how much bandwidth is available. As distance increases so does the chances for packet loss, which requires a retransmission. Packet loss is almost always caused by congestion-based dropping of packets by routers (or other forwarding device) along the path between locations.  Bandwidth is often mistaken for internet speed when it’s actually the volume of information that can be sent over a connection in a measured amount of time – calculated in megabits per second (Mbps). I think we can all agree that regardless of how big your pipe is, maximizing bandwidth to 100% capacity is literally a pipedream.

Solving The WAN Speed Bottleneck

There are literally hundreds of web articles that will claim to help you solve your WAN speed issues. Many of these articles are written with good intentions. But lets be honest, whoever wrote the article has no idea what your specific WAN speed issues are. It would be like throwing a dart at a dartboard 100 yards away while blindfolded. What you need are specific answers to solve your specific dilemmas.

Before I reveal the specific steps you can employ to speed up your WAN issues, let’s first discuss the 10 most common techniques (according to top tech guru’s). Some of these may give you temporary relief, so it’s at least worth mentioning before we delve deeper.

1. Identify your biggest sources of traffic.

2. Create policies that can eliminate traffic.

3. Eliminate chatterbox apps and unnecessary ports and protocols.

4. Prioritize traffic.

5. Consider outsourced spam-filtering services and heavy-use applications.

6. Choose security and backup solutions with WAN optimization in mind.

7. Consider cache servers and thin computing.

8. Separate network resources.

9. Consider WAN acceleration hardware.

10. Add more bandwidth.


Problem Specific Solutions to your WAN Speed Dilemma

Solving slow WAN speed(s) – Utilizing old and outdated methods to achieve maximum WAN data throughput is like running a marathon barefoot or trying to dig a tunnel with a shovel. Let’s be honest, you’re data transmission problems go way beyond what most experts can write about in a blog article. Adding more bandwidth when latency issues are what’s really crippling your transmissions would be a waste of time and money. Prioritizing traffic when you don’t have enough bandwidth to begin with, would be pointless. Trying to simultaneously incorporate all ten steps above would be mind numbing and require more money and effort than most IT department heads could afford. Am I right? You know I’m right! So how do we maximize your WAN data transfers without breaking the piggy bank AND keep you sane at the same time?

Artificial Intelligence

Your WAN data transfer issues are too specific to try and manage arbitrarily by implementing a few basic protocols. You need problem specific answers, and you need them in real time. Introducing ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – with 29 patents that guarantee real time management of your data over long distances with record speed. RDT & Bridgeworks address and resolve many key issues faced by companies current infrastructure. Remove unacceptable time lags that risk failure, delay or presents major costs to your business – boost your environment and make the most of your IT investment.

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Virtual WAN Optimization

Simple and quick to install, Bridgeworks’ PORTrockIT Virtual Appliance fits seamlessly across the range from the SME to the very largest of enterprises. With the ability of all the different models to communicate with each other, it is possible to create the most cost effective WAN Data Acceleration solution that meets your needs between Data Centers, remote locations and the Cloud. Leading WAN Optimization Performance and Virtualization Flexibility – » Learn More

Physical WAN Optimization Appliances

Recognized by Gartner, Bridgeworks PORTrockIT patented technology approaches WAN performance
inhibitors in a way that uses the safe, tradition TCP/IP protocol combined with deep learning AI managed
mitigation techniques that can result in performance gain in excess of 200 X or up to 98% of available
bandwidth. This is applicable to all data types including encrypted, without changing or manipulating the data. World’s Fastest and Most Flexible WAN Acceleration Appliances – Rackmount 1U & 2U Configurations
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Solving Slow WAN Speed

The Solution to Your WAN Speed Issues

CLOUD – Achieve over 10x improvement on performance of data movement to AND from the cloud irrespective of compression or encrypted data formats. Simply choose your technology and see the difference. Organizations are finding transfer speeds to Cloud restrictive and costs spiraling. RDT / Bridgeworks can provide massive data transfer speeds on any type of data both to and from the Cloud.

DATA – Next generation technology accelerates data transfer speeds up to 200x faster than traditional WAN Optimization technologies. The constraint is no longer the size of the pipe, after all, 1Gb, 10Gb and multiple 10Gb pipes are becoming the norm. The challenge now is making sure you are utilizing the full extent of the bandwidth available and capitalizing on the capability it brings.

APPLICATION – Bridgeworks PORTrockIT solutions accelerates performance for technologies like NetApp, Veritas, Datacore and Veeam with an average of 10x performance improvement for encrypted data, packet loss, congestion and acceleration. Bridgeworks WAN solutions help move data more rapidly across the worlds WAN’s. Being able to move data rapidly across the world’s WAN’s is critical, often we don’t have access to the underlying protocol, nevertheless tremendous acceleration is still achieved. By creating perfect networks on either side of the WAN, Bridgeworks technologies takes care of the data movement managing congestion and packet loss for optimum application performance and throughput.

STORAGE – The value of data to businesses has never been higher. The challenge of ever-growing volumes of data and how to capture, analyse and employ to and from multiple off-site backup locations at speed is critical. With the capability to accelerate data transfer up to 200x faster and provide 50x data recovery, Bridgeworks industry leading and award winning solutions can accelerate your storage strategies, reducing data back-up windows and time to access and utilise data.

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