Artificial Intelligence and WAN Acceleration

So what’s all the hype about AI accelerating your data over the WAN? Artificial Intelligence and WAN Acceleration are actually a perfect marriage – and here’s why! Up until now, IT directors have been compressing data, increasing bandwidth, caching and duplicating to try and squeeze more data down their pipeline. But even best case scenarios, yielded minimal results.

A new patented AI technology has emerged that can accelerate your existing technologies and dramatically accelerates your WAN – Bridgeworks can help you boost your existing environment – rapidly moving your data across WAN’s regardless of distance, size or type of data. This simple, yet powerful management portal allows you to fine-tune your setup to your own specific requirements – and all managed (in real time) by patented AI Technology.

Rapid Data Transfer (USA) has partnered with Bridgeworks (EU) to provide our North America Clients with a unique solution to move large volumes of data across the WAN at record speeds. Bridgeworks has looked at the problem of data movement and come at it from an entirely new perspective. In mastering the rules of data movement over distance, Bridgeworks utilizes Artificial Intelligence to transfer significant volumes of business critical data in real time removing unacceptable time lags, that risk failure, delay or that may present major costs to your business. And they do it all without ever touching your data. You stay in complete control of your data from start to finish.


Bridgeworks’ expertise in optimization of data performance stretches back over 35 years. Bridgeworks industry defining Data Acceleration technology is re-defining Wide Area Networks enabling organizations to reach transfer speeds up to 200x faster, whether in large volumes, encrypted or media files. Using Automated, Patented, AI technology – Bridgeworks dramatically alleviates the effects of latency and packet loss, meaning that your data can get to where it needs to be quicker while maximizing business performance with dramatic ROI.


At RDT (Rapid Data Transfer) our goal is simple – to ensure your enterprise achieves liberation of your data from wherever it may be, to wherever it needs to go, when it needs to be there. The struggle to move data over distance has long been a battle being fought. With the data deluge that is upon us, this war is only set to continue unless the issue is flipped on its head and approached in a radically different manner. AI underpins all the patents from Bridgeworks by providing process intelligence, reduced latency and mitigate packet loss – all in real time w/o ever touching your data. The marriage of artificial intelligence with data migration has arrived. The result is jaw dropping WAN Acceleration never before seen.

Rapid Data Transfer or RDT, is a full-service data management company with specific expertise with WAN data acceleration, enterprise level data management, and storage solutions that deliver significant cost savings to clients throughout North America. We are your source for the world’s fastest and most reliable WAN Acceleration Technologies – Guaranteed to dramatically boost your WAN transfer rates regardless of distance, size or type of data.

Boost your environment and make the most of your IT investment.

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