cloud acceleration

Eliminate the Bottleneck

Achieve over 10 times improvement on performance of data movement to / from the Cloud irrespective of compression or encrypted data formats. Simply choose your technology and see the difference.

Organizations are quickly realizing that transfer speeds to the Cloud are restrictive and costs are spiraling out of control. RDT – Rapid Data Transfer, can provide a solution with massive data transfer speeds on any type of data both to and from the Cloud.

Our partners patented industry leading technologies are revolutionizing the network and can dramatically increase throughput and performance to allow data to move at over 98% utilization of the pipe. Everyone recognizes that the Cloud offers some major advantages and the potential for operational streamlining is extremely attractive. But for enterprise customers, the same issue comes up time after time. “The Cloud is great for small companies moving small amounts of data, but what about large amounts of data? Surely delay (or latency) means that we will compromise on security or efficiency when we try to work around getting to and from the Cloud?” 

We will make that issue disappear.


How can Bridgeworks help my cloud strategies?

Cloud is a key part of any organization’s data strategy with numerous benefits. The data however, is still king and getting data to and from the Cloud without incurring ever spiraling costs is a challenge that is not going away. Bridgeworks Cloud Acceleration solution – WANrockIT mitigates its effects bringing control back to your business. Now you can send large volumes, encrypted and media files all at accelerated rates to a Cloud environment and back again providing significant ROI for your business.

What about Latency?!

Businesses have battled to move data quickly and efficiently to the Cloud and back again. The problem has been distance and the way TCP/IP works. This means transfer times to the Cloud have been long – and the culprit is latency. We have revolutionized the network and the latency equation by re-engineering the problem with an industry leading and award winning network solution. Bridgeworks can improve throughput and performance allowing large volumes of data to move at over 98% utilization of the pipe. RDT Cloud Acceleration Technology provide businesses with a turnkey solution to the cloud.

Tell me more about your partnership with AWS?

We have been working in partnership with Amazon Web Services to provide upload optimization solutions for AWS customers. Bridgeworks patented technologies uses intelligent engines to control the data flow accelerating the movement of data into and out of the Amazon Cloud. AWS customers experience up to 352% increase in performance with Bridgeworks providing significant savings moving data to and from the Cloud. Gartner states “Bridgeworks dramatically improves data transfer times, and is particularly effective for large transfers for data to/from AWS”

Cloud costs are spiraling, can Bridgeworks technologies help?

Businesses are finding transfer speeds to Cloud restrictive and cost spiraling. Bridgeworks can provide massive Cloud Acceleration data transfer speed improvements. Our clients typically see more than 10x improvement on performance of data movement to/from the Cloud irrespective of compression, type or encrypted data formats. Gartner states “Bridgeworks dramatically improves data transfer times, and is particularly effective for large transfers for data to/from AWS”

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