Solving Network Latency

Network latency is the time it takes for data or a request to go from the source to the destination. Solving network latency is critical to business success. Latency in networks is measured in milliseconds. The closer your latency is to zero, the better.

Remember the most common signs of high latency include:

  • Data taking a long time to send, as in an email with a large attachment
  • Slow speeds accessing servers or web-based applications
  • Websites do not load, time-out or very slow

Determining what your network latency is and working to improve it so network processes run faster is important for both business efficacy, as well as peace of mind.

Solving Network Latency with AI –

The long-standing challenge when transmitting volumes of data across wide area networks has been latency – The Performance Killer.  There is no way to eliminate latency, it’s a given.  But now there is a way to change the game. The most difficult movements of data to accelerate is a single stream. This is why we chose to show it in the example below.  It demonstrates our capabilities and the opportunities this opens up, bringing efficiency and value to your business.

Latency Demo –

Our demo begins within the data center leaving fiber channel data between a Dell PowerEdge server and IBM LTO 3 Tape Drive over a 1GB pipe. All is as you would expect with data moving around 95 MB a second. We now simulate about 10 milliseconds of latency as we move outside the data center. We see the tremendous slowdown in performance. At 20ms, further degradation and finally at 40ms of latency (that’s halfway across the US – or between London and Frankfurt) we are below 10 MB per second. The throughput and performance has dropped through the floor.

Turning on WANrockIT at the 40ms of latency mark, using its intelligence… it self-learns, self-monitors and self-manages the environment making all the calculations to arrive at optimum performance. And should the network conditions change, such as increased latency, it will react and adjust accordingly. Unlike traditional optimization, WANrockIT does not require to store anything, nor does it need vast abouts the computing power or memory.  The compressed and encrypted data – now pass throughs – we accelerate EVERYTHING!


Simple, yet highly effective – WANrockIT has immediate impact on performance returning data transfer speeds to close to 100 MB a second. Magic? Or just turning the equation on its head?

Real Life Latency Issues –

Now to real life – CVS Health had issues with regards to performance across 86 ms of latency or in mileage terms – 2800 miles.  Using WANrockIT, that 50 GB of incremental backup dropped from 12 hours to just 45 minutes – allowing them to do full nightly backups of 430 GB.  Installed in less than 10 minutes, their return on investment (met within days), no longer was that business restricted by distance or the speed of light.

Don’t think this is all we do.  We can move ALL your data down the same pipe, at the same time.  If it’s moving data to the cloud, we have that cup of tea.  For large volumes of data, be it data migration or consolidation, replication, back-up, archiving, or storage – in fact any form of data movement where you need to move volumes at speed, we are the go-to-guys.  It is simple, in 10 minutes you can be up and running. And your CEO I will be happy too, we won’t wreck his budget. Curbing the effects of latency – WANrockIT changes the latency equation. The speed of light governs your bandwidth. WANrockIT insures you are squeezing the most from your pipe – maximizing performance with more than 95% throughput, taking away limitations that have been in place for too many years.

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