Data Speed Kings

Data volumes are growing exponentially. As a result, content is getting much richer and traditional WAN Optimization methods can’t keep up. At RDT (Rapid Data Transfer) our goal is to deliver affordable, secure, next generation data acceleration transfer technologies. Intelligent systems that boosts your data transfer speeds up to 200x faster than traditional WAN Optimization technologies is our goal. Technology that is simple to install and manage.

Bridgeworks’ PORTrockIT Appliances are recognized as the highest performing WAN Data Acceleration solutions available. PORTrockIT can outperform all competitors with capabilities of up to 40Gb/s.

Simple and quick to install, PORTrockIT appliances fit seamlessly across the range from the SME to the very largest of enterprises. With the ability of all the different models (including virtual products) to communicate with each other, it is possible to create the most cost effective WAN Data Acceleration solution that meets your needs between Data Centers, remote locations and the Cloud.

The constraint is no longer the size of the pipe. 10Gb and multiple 10Gb pipes are becoming the norm. The challenge now is to make sure you are utilizing the full extent of the pipe and bandwidth available. Also relevant is the need to capitalize on the capability the pipe brings.

RDT or Rapid Data Transfer deliver NEW cutting-edge technologies to solve your WAN bottleneck. We can securely deliver your data at a fraction of the time and cost:

  • Reach Up to 200X Data Acceleration speeds. – RDT allows you to realize up to 98% of your available bandwidth.
  • Mitigate Latency – regardless of distance and size or type of data, RDT can deliver solutions that mitigate latency performance issues.
  • Automated AI Technology – patented and Gartner recognized next generation technology that boosts your data performance.
  • Large Data Volumes, Encrypted and Media Files – in your existing environment sent at up to 200X faster
  • Simple Model – no installation costs, no on-going maintenance, we don’t touch your data.
  • Test Drive – Contact us today to schedule a one-to-one demonstration in a Web-Ex conference call. To help us scope the demo to your requirements, please let us know a little more about you organization: company size, number of sites, amount and frequency of data transfers, etc.

CALL  (800) 278-3480 to schedule your personalized WAN Acceleration Solutions demo. The call is free and the information is priceless.