data consolidation

Consolidate Your Data Once And For All

Our enterprise class solutions help slash storage costs, while reshaping data consolidation storage paradigms today and tomorrow. As a certified StorONE platinum reseller, we are transforming software-defined storage with a new class of SDS that completely redefine expectations in performance, results, functionality, convenience and cost. Our platforms provide enterprise-class functionality, high performance, and high capacity scalability. With more than 50 patents already awarded in the first seven years of deep technical development, RDT is completely changing the perception of storage from an IT cost center to a resource that provides organizations with key competitive advantages. Call today for a free demo –  (800) 278-3480.

Data Consolidation

Better Data / Storage Consolidation –

S1: All-Flash – Bring Intel® Optane™ Performance of 1 million IOPS to VMware, MS-SQL, Oracle for less than the price of an All-Flash Array! Accelerate analytics, artificial intelligence, and deep learning.

S1:AFA — An All-Flash Array that you can afford with the performance and features you need.  Whether you are looking to upgrade your current AFA or you are just getting started with AFA technology, S1’s Enterprise Storage Platform can help you solve your organization’s challenges.

S1: HYBRIDX4 – THE MAINSTREAM WORKLOAD STORAGE SOLUTION. Mainstream workloads range from storage that supports virtual environments, database environments, and file sharing.

S1: CLOUD – ON-PREMISE STORAGE AS A SERVICE. Our S1:Cloud offerings provide the power of the S1 Enterprise Storage Platform in a cloud consumption model but on-premises. Now you can avoid painful cloud migrations and safeguard your organization against cloud-level security breaches. S1:Cloud enables enterprises to take full advantage of S1 features like high-performance, unlimited snapshots, virtual raid and replication in a subscription format.ost vendors make you get a solution for each of the use cases. S1:HybridX4 can do it all while perfectly balancing performance and cost.

S1: BACKUP – HIGH-PERFORMANCE BACKUP. The performance of the backup disk target matters more than ever. Applications like Veeam, Commvault, Veritas, and EMC support instant recovery, which means the recovered application has direct access to the data it needs on the backup storage device. These backup applications expect the backup storage to perform like production storage! S1:Backup delivers production class performance. Your Data Consolidation has never been easier.

S1: NAS – NAS OR OBJECT? Why choose? Just because unstructured data is the biggest challenge facing many IT planners today, doesn’t mean you have to silo off each use case. The S1 Enterprise Storage Platform provides network-attached storage and object storage to meet all your unstructured data needs.