Rapid Data Transfer


Technologies that accelerate data transfers and eliminate data management challenges are known as ‘WAN acceleration’. Here at Rapid Data Transfer, we source the world’s fastest and most reliable WAN Acceleration Technologies – Guaranteed to dramatically boost your WAN transfer rates regardless of distance, size or type of data. Best of all, we don’t touch your data – so maintaining security protocols, governance & compliance is never compromised.


In addition to those mentioned above, we use patented AI technologies that will address, implement, and resolve the key issues faced by your current business infrastructure. Removing unacceptable time lags that risk failure, delay or present major costs to your business – we boost your environment and make the most of your IT investment.

Call RDT today for a free WAN assessment @ (800) 278-3480. Let us show you how to dramatically improve data throughput up to 98% of bandwidth – regardless of distance. Restore your WAN performance and watch your ROI skyrocket.

Serious Rapid Data Transfer

Where not talking single or double digit increases… were seriously talking triple digit speed increases using AI technology. Bridgeworks PORTrockIT looks at the problem of data movement from an entirely new perspective. In mastering the rules of data movement over distance, Bridgeworks provides you with the ability to move significant volumes of business critical data in real time removing unacceptable time lags, that risk failure, delay or presents major costs to your business.

Bridgeworks next generation technology accelerates data transfer speeds up to 200x faster than traditional WAN Optimization technologies. The constraint is no longer the size of the pipe. The challenge now is making sure you are utilizing the full extent of the bandwidth available and capitalizing on the capability it brings.

  • Max Utilization – Bridgeworks can deliver 98% of your organizations achievable bandwidth regardless of distance and size of data. Bridgeworks can achieve these dramatic results through revolutionary patented AI technology that optimizes and self-configures to produce acceleration speeds never seen before.

  • Mitigate Latency – The effects of latency and packet loss are dramatically reduced with Bridgeworks technology, allowing organizations to realize the full utilization of their bandwidth and all data is equal. Move open, encrypted, encoded, de-duplicated and/or compressed data at near to wire speed. Seriously!

RDT is a platinum North America reseller of Bridgeworks PORTrockIT AI Technology.

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